Tuesday, June 7, 2016

There's Always Time to Read!

So, last month I came home from a school visit to find Rain Dragon running around like this:

"Look what I got, Mama"!
Apparently, I had received a package in the mail but it was around the time of Rain Dragon's birthday and she had been receiving a constant stream of gifts in the mail, and she assumed every box was for her.  So she ripped it open, including the letter enclosed.

isn't it cute? there IS always time to read!
It was a lovely clock from...Scholastic? Unfortunately, while the envelope was still intact, the letter was thrown somewhere in Rain Dragon's dance of joy. So, I was a little confused. My book publisher is Little, Brown. Why was Scholastic sending me nice presents? Had they mixed me up with someone? Had there been a corporation merge?

Luckily, soon afterwards, I met these lovely ladies at Book Expo America:

Carolyn Scully, Kristin Standley and me!

who both work at Scholastic. Since they were so friendly, I asked about the clock and was thrilled to hear that it was actually 1) really for me and 2) it was a congratulations/welcome to neighborhood gift because When the Sea Turned to Silver will be included in this fall's Scholastic Book Fairs as well as the club! Isn't that neat? So exciting! 

In the meantime, the clock has taken residence in Rain Dragon's room. She still insists it was a gift for her. 

she wouldn't let me hang it in the studio 

Thanks, Scholastic!