Wednesday, June 22, 2016

a day in the life of a duck

So, Rain Dragon has had many passions turn into obsessions and then fade away-- the planets, Curious George, penguins, far, Totoro has remained fairly strong but the only love that has been truly evergreen (from when she was small baby!) is ducks. She loves all ducks but her favorite is the one she named Pato (which is the Spanish word for duck. No, neither I nor her father know any Spanish. It's because we let her watch Pocoyo.). So even though the stuffed animal is official Duck from Duck and Goose (sorry Goose, you were discarded), she will indignantly correct you if you attempt to call him a different name.

Because Pato is her friend in all adventures, wearing outfits and costumes that only a pre-schooler's brain and fingers can make. From swimming to the deep sea:

I think they are looking for a underwater satellite

To wearing protective space suits:

the universal use of tin foil!

and being the patient to her doctoring:

scotch-tape bandages

And birthdays:
which happen daily, instead of yearly

He is her, if not constant, always awaiting companion.

and to sleep, in a sock nightcap and, yes, her duck foot slipper

Wait until you see what else they do!