Wednesday, June 15, 2016

just like eric carle

So, Rain Dragon has always been a little uninterested in what I do for work. I've told her many times that I am an author and illustrator of books, but she never quite caught on.

But a couple of weeks ago at her preschool they did an unit on Eric Carle, studying all his books and choosing their favorite:

her favorite was The Hungry Caterpillar
So the other night at bedtime, after reading Ling and Ting together, I asked her, "Who do you think made this book?"
She replied, "Eric Carle!"
To which, I opened to the back and showed her the picture:

And she cried out, in utter amazement, "MAMA!"

It was, perhaps, the sweetest moment in my entire book career.  And now, when we meet people, Rain Dragon says, "This is my Mama. She makes books."