Wednesday, September 9, 2015

back to our regularly scheduled program...


The summer is pretty much over. My goals for this past summer were pretty much the same as last year (I even used the same list) BUT this time I got to cross something off:

it's only one thing, but it was biggie!

Yes, I finished my novel!!!!

When the Sea Turned to Silver  (and that is the final, set-in-stone title) will be out in Sept. 2016!!!

Of course, now I have to do the art for it and a million other little tweaky revisions to it, but because the majority of it is done, I can now return to other things--like this blog! Yes, I am now officially back from hiatus!

 My newsletter, of course, will ALWAYS be the best way to hear the important stuff (like when I give away advanced reading copies of the book, so sign up!) but I'm so happy to be able to come back to blog and fill this place again with silly posts about writing, Rain Dragon and dying gardens...more on that later!