Wednesday, September 23, 2015

summing up summer in our garden

It's the Autumn Equinox today which means the summer is over!

Like this blog, due to the focus on the new novel (When the Sea Turned to Silver, the title has changed so many times I have to repeat it so that it sticks in my head), everything in the yard became a bit neglected. But even overgrown, the garden still had its charm.

our overgrown yard is still kind of pretty, I tell people we were going for that "natural look."

Maybe because Rain Dragon didn't notice the weeds. She waited eagerly everyday for something to ripen so that she could pick.

Sometimes she didn't even wait for things to ripen:
"but the dragon likes green tomatoes!"
But finally, there peas and beans to pick:

The beans were appreciated:

But the peas much more so, feasted upon:

as well as played with:
"I'm having a pea party!"
And then our overgrown jungle of plants had new treasures to find:


and one tall sunflower, to match our windspinner:

A nice little harvest:

and a lovely summer:

Goodbye, Summer!