Saturday, November 1, 2014

our happy halloween!

Well, I think Halloween is more fun when you have a child. It's definitely more hectic!

This year, the holiday stress came from trying to pin down Rain Dragon's costume.  As I mentioned before, she has an affinity for peripheral characters which made it a little difficult. Originally, she wanted to be Dr. James Lewis (the doctor in Lyle and the Birthday Party) and then she wanted to be Dr. Cohn from Madeline, and then the "fat fireman" in Curious George.

But, finally she decided. She would be Jack-be-Nimble. We first read the rhyme together in Richard Scarry's Mother Goose:

And she loved it so much that I searched online for longer versions of the rhyme, finding this:

and this:

She now loves anything by Mother Goose Club 

So we had to combine them all and we got:

 Jack-be-Nimble Bunny!
 But it was all worth it because Halloween was great fun. She was a little tentative about trick-or-treating:

But she quickly got the hang of it:

and didn't want to stop:

 even when she was tired:

Happy Halloween!