Thursday, November 20, 2014

one book, one me!

I'm in the middle of my school visit and event schedule. I've had a string of lovely ones that I've been meaning to post about, but I wanted to make sure I wrote about this one before too much time passed...

Because I was super honored that Where the Mountain Meets the Moon was chosen for the One Book, One Rosemount program! Everyone in Rosemount, MN was encouraged to read the book and then meet yours truly:

Not only did the program distribute hundreds of free copies, the library arranged a series of programs  in coordination with the book.
I meant to get a photo of the inside of that awesome brochure that listed all the programs but I forgot!

Schools also got in on the action with brush painting:

dragon making:

and researching and creating their own Chinese folktale books:

these are SO awesome!!!

I was lucky to be able to visit some schools during my stay in Rosemount, where the students had some head-scratching questions for me: 

that's a stumper!

yes, and isn't that ironic?

But I distracted them by introducing Starry River of the Sky to them:

And teaching them how to draw  a tiger:

It was great fun!
Me, the moon, and the lovely director of the program Frances Veit!

Thanks so much, Rosemount!!!