Monday, September 8, 2014

on my desk monday

I've had to switch gears from my novel and start work on the 4th Ling & Ting book!

Ling and Ting:Together in All Weather on my desk

It's been tough to stop the total immersion into the novel,  juggling has never been my strong point (which is why my production since Rain Dragon has been pretty abysmal) and I worry that having dual projects on my plate will make the quality of both books suffer.

But, my good friend Libby tells me that  famous graduate programs encourage their writing students to take painting or drawing class as it was believed doing so would help their work. A right brain/left brain theory, I'm told.

And t Ling and Ting:Together in All Weather (completely mapped out) on my bulletin board!

Crossing my fingers that it's true!