Wednesday, September 18, 2013

thanks for coming!

So it's been a very hectic few days! Not only am I on a deadline for the third Ling and Ting book, preparing for the National Book Festival , I  had lots to do for Ling and Ting's Birthday party! Luckily I had lots of help from the Sasquatch and his mother, who came to watch Rain Dragon but ended up stuffing goodie bags.

We were only able to make ten pocket pacy Ling and Tings:

But the magnets and stickers filled the goodie bags and the Sasquatch got the balloons to the bookstore:

And K, Rain Dragon's babysitter, made the cake:

She copied it so it looked just like the one in the book! Wow!

And Rain Dragon and I matched!
Usually, I like to get us a bit more dressed up for parties but this was the only matching outfit I could find. I  had a red headband for her, too, but she wouldn't wear it.  

Now, all I had to do was wait for people to come! I was very nervous about this, since this is the first book party I've had in our new local. Would anyone come?

YES! It was a full house:
though to be strictly honest, it is a small (but extremely cute) bookstore so that makes it a bit easier to fill
I was completely thrilled so many people showed up! After reading one of the stories from the book, I did a fun draw-along:

And signed books! It was great fun to see how many people came in matching outfits! Aren't they awesome?:

Unfortunately, Rain Dragon was not as impressed. I used her crayons for everyone to use during the draw-along and I think she was a bit upset.  She only calmed down a little after she got some of them back and I signed a book especially for her.

Which she signed as well:

Thanks so much White Square Books and everyone who came!

For those who couldn't make it, stay tuned! On Wednesday, Sept 25th, I'm throwing the online party! You can get some of these free goodies, too!