Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ling and Ting Birthday Party: Name the Books Game! Get a sticker and magnet!

And here is a party game! With prizes! 

Many sharp-eyedreaders comment on how Ling and Ting are often reading other books by me. Well, what can I say, they like my books! (ha ha) Do you?

Below is an illustration of Ling in a bookstore from the book. Can you find the Grace Lin books? Can you find the books of some of my other favorite books? (here's a hint, some are by my good friends).


Name 8 or more books in the illustration (that's the game! you have to see if you can figure out the book covers in the picture!!) and your mailing address to and I'll send you one of Ling and Ting's birthday stickers! If 2 or more of those books you name are NOT by me, I'll send you a magnet as well!!

TODAY ONLY (you have until midnight PST!) and only while supplies last. Don't forget to include your mailing address!