Wednesday, August 10, 2011

welcome to the new age

I haven't been posting recently mainly because my novel has been all-consuming but also because I've taken a couple days out to visit my parents in Upstate NY (and attend my high school reunion!). My older sister and her family are also visiting and it's fascinating to see how adept her kids are with technology I haven't even fully embraced.

I've thought about e-books & apps many times but have never really investigated them. But my nephew loves the iphone and I knew that the book I illustrated Round is a Mooncake was made into an app , so I decided to see if the conversion to this new digital age would be bearable:

Not bad! He was fully engaged and it was a pretty faithful adaptation of the book--it was kind of like those "read-along" books I had when I was a kid (you would listen to the floppy record while reading the book). I still prefer and love paper books but I think there's probably a place for e-books too. My illustrator friend Aaron has an app my nephew loves too. I guess I should start thinking about making some electronic book/apps of my own...but after my novel!