Saturday, August 27, 2011

moments of

ocean waves
staring faces
cold rising heat
squealing laughter
orange moons
clapping hands
round silver shining
falling snow
echoing rooms
soft steady typing
silent tears
blossoming trees
clean white buildings
waiting lines
thin passing clouds
yellow flowers

are the moments you missed
are the moments i missed you

Robert Mercer



Nancy Baker said...

Lovely poem. We miss him, too. We're thinking of you, and sending you our love. Wish we could be there to hug you in person.


Nancy & Mike

Alycia said...

Thinking of you today Grace.
Praying for you too.
Be blessed!

anne said...

you were lucky to have each other!

Debberoo said...

Beautiful. So sorry.

Jillian said...

Thinking of you, Grace.
(I just noticed, his last name is Mercer like Sam in Year of the Dog! That is such a nice way to memorialize him in your books.)

SueAnn said...

lovely , you are a beautiful poet Grace..capturing moments beautifully with the choice of your words...You also teach people it is okay to love two people at the same time..that is important for to love one less is impossible if you truly loved them