Monday, February 28, 2011

on my desk monday

I've put work for "LiNa's Lily" on the backburner to do the interior illustrations for "Dumpling Days." This is a bit more complicated than usual because "Dumpling Days" is all about my first trip to Taiwan and I've drawn pictures with lots of Chinese words in them and I don't know Chinese (I've been struggling through lesson one in Rosetta Stone, I've been unable to pronounce the word 'juice' correctly enough to move on to lesson two).

That is where my new acquaintance, Amie steps in! A Taiwanese native, she spent a whole morning going through my sketches and correcting all the Chinese:

It was a very amusing breakfast as she looked at my drawings, sometimes staring in puzzlement and shaking her head. But she got through and, now (as long as I copy her words correctly) all the Chinese should be right. Though, the book is supposed to be all from Pacy's--a girl who doesn't know Chinese--point of view, so if there are mistakes it just makes the book more authentic, right? I hope so!!