Monday, February 21, 2011

on my desk monday

The first pass-pages of my upcoming novel "Dumpling Days!" All those pink post-it notes mark the pages that have my requested changes on them...and there are a lot! I am double crossing my fingers my publisher will be able to do them all!

This is actually a good lesson learned for me. Previous to this pass, I'd been editing and making changes on the computer, reading onscreen, and I thought things were looking fine. But when I was sent a hard copy and read it on paper, I found a lot of very-needed changes! I guess this is why I do not have an e-reader.


kathleen duey said...

I agree completely--print and read. I read all of the dialogue aloud, sometimes the whole thing. The ear perceives what the eye misses sometimes.

The publisher should make every single change/correction, though the editor might suggest a re-think. For your own sanity, get a copy made before you send it back, so you can re-check all the tags in final copyedit /galleys, or arcs and make sure...

Grace Lin said...

Thanks Kathleen, good pointers! I think the publisher is going to make the changes though I'm not sure if I made the ARC deadline. Will just have to see!