Wednesday, February 16, 2011

lovely local visit

While I enjoy seeing students out on the road, I also enjoy visiting local schools. What one local school has done for a while now is have me visit the kindergartners in the Fall with The Ugly Vegetables and the 4th graders in the Spring with The Year of the Dog. This is wonderful not only because The Ugly Vegetables has a cameo appearance in The Year of the Dog, but because I've been visiting this school for so long that I am now seeing 4th Graders who I saw as Kindergartners! A true growing up with my books!

And every year, the 4th Graders prepare storyboards illustrating their favorite "small story" in The Year of the Dog. Here are some of them--aren't they great?




I hope I get to see them again next year!


Jillian RV said...

I think it's awesome that you don't just go to a whole bunch of other cities, you visit local schools too!

SunShine13 said...

Those are really good!!
Who was drawing those???

Grace Lin said...

Yes, it's fun visiting local schools! Sunshine13--I didn't mark the students' names on their drawings so I don't really know. But they were all great!