Wednesday, December 15, 2010

fudge factory

Every year, I try to make homemade sweet treats as holiday thank-you gifts to the publishing people who worked on year's past books and/or the new year's upcoming books. All authors know that even though there is only one or two names on the front cover, books are really group efforts. And usually really important contributors like copywriters and designers are easily forgotten. I try to remember them at least once a year!

Though, most likely, these publishing people would probably prefer I use the time I spent baking to actually finishing my work (since I always seem to be late), but when the treat is for them they can't complain--right? Ha, ha! It is really my devious way of fitting in some holiday fun!

This year, enamored with mentions of fudge making in some of my children's books (most recently "Adopted Jane" by Helen Daringer)I was determined to make fudge.

However this was a bit tricker said than done. After failing with a traditional recipe, I decided to use Martha's Stewart's Foolproof Fudge Recipe. With my friend Ranida, we achieved success!

And began our little fudge factory, working late in the night like elves!

creating an endless supply of both white and brown chocolate fudge:

Unfortunately, because it took me so long to perfect the fudge I wasn't able to spend as much time on the decorative label and the packaging wasn't as colorful as years past, but I still think it's fun:

And if you get my newsletter, you can download the label to use yourself!

Hope your holidays are sweet!