Thursday, December 2, 2010

bid for the holidays!

I'm continuing yesterday's post of holiday shopping! Want to feel extra good about your holiday shopping? Try these great charity auctions:

My good friend Jarrett is the author/illustrator of Lunch Lady and Punk Farm. (Yes, those books! I have famous book friends!) He's auctioning off five awesome items (including the chance to be in a future Lunch Lady book) for the Joe & Shirl Scholarship.

Here's Jarrett talking about the scholarship:

Isn't that great? The auction ends on Dec. 6th, so get your bids in! Click HERE for the auction.

The second auction is the Bridget Zinn auction. The children's book community have donated various cool items to help Bridget Zinn, an author and librarian recently diagnosed with colon cancer. It's a wonderful thing. I don't know Bridget personally, but I do know how cancer can drastically alter your life. Most of the items are for aspiring authors, but you'll see there is something for everyone.

This auction ends soon, on December 4th. If the page says you need a password to bid, all the info is HERE. So bid HERE as soon as you can!

And this concludes all my consumer encouragement commercials for the holiday season. Thanks, everyone for your tolerance and support!!