Wednesday, December 1, 2010

for your holiday shopping...

Since it's the first of December and, for me, that means the start of busy holiday shopping! I am always extremely honored and grateful when people give my books as gifts, so I thought I'd give a little reminder on how you can make those presents even more special.

Would you like the book autographed and personalized?

As I mentioned briefly earlier, I'm teaming up with Porter Square Books to offer to offer personally, autographed books for the holidays! How does it work?

Simply call the Porter Square Bookstore at 617-491-2220 and ask for a signed or personalized copy of ANY of my books from Where the Mountain Meets the Moon to Ling and Ting. (You can browse all my available books HERE).

You pay for the book(s), shipping, and handling, and the bookstore will ship signed stock in time for the occasion, even gift-wrapped if requested. Remember, if you want the books personalized, to provide the name of recipient to bookseller. I will be going in to sign every Friday until Dec. 21st, so this is a great opportunity to get books specially signed for the holidays (as well as support a great independent bookstore)!

Would you like to add some something extra?
Don't forget the Grace Lin Gallery for affordable prints or the Grace Lin store for T-shirts and baby onesies! (I just added some new prints!)