Wednesday, November 17, 2010

school visit memories

My school visit season has begun and I have been running around madly. It's been lovely to meet all the students and teachers who enjoy my books, though!

I especially love seeing how the students get excited for my visits. From finding trivia on my website:

(the librarian made up a fun, little list of questions students had to answer from my website--so she was teaching them information finding skills as well as more about me!)

to learning about Chinese painting:

One girl even made the map of Minli's journey from Where the Mountain Meets the Moon!

What is really nice is that schools tend to inspire each other. This school in South Windsor read about how another (the school that threw me the red egg party with musical entertainment) had decided to use The Year of the Dog for their "One Book, One School" program (the whole school reads the same book). So, they decided to do the same thing!

Isn't that grand? Thanks so much for the lovely memories!


Ronda said...

All of this sounds wonderful!! I wish you were closer to Kentucky and could visit my daughters' school..... said...

Wow, I LOVE the map that girl made. Amazing!! Looks like she may have a future in book illustration!

Elizabeth said...

We loved hearing the story of your evolution of an artist/writer here in Natick. Inspiring! My daughter, Aiyana, can't wait to see you in Acton next week. We are on our third reading of WTMMTM!!