Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grand Opening

All the stores are have begun their holiday madness and I've caught some of it! Because I've opened an etsy shop. Yes, my brand-new etsy shop, The Grace Lin Gallery is now open!

I received so much interest when I posted about my booth at the RISD Sale that I thought I would offer my prints online as well. The Grace Lin Gallery will consist of affordable, non-archival prints of illustrations from my books and other work. Please go and take a look!

The Child at Heart Gallery will continue to sell archival, museum-quality and collector prints at their site.

And my cafe press store will continue to sell T-shirts, baby bibs and other apparel! Officially, it is called The Grace Lin Store to differentiate from the etsy shop, The Grace Lin Gallery.

My books
are, of course, available at any bookstore. However, if you would like a personalized, autographed copy, call up the Porter Square Book Store and they can arrange it! 617-491-2220

So enough Grace Lin products to last a long, long time, I'd think! I hope it isn't overkill. But I figured if the local pharmacy can start selling Christmas ornaments before Halloween, then why not a little extra etsy shop? Right?

I hope this helps for your holiday shopping!