Wednesday, November 3, 2010

late pumpkin post

It's been so crazy-busy here in chez Grace that our annual pumpkin carving party was delayed until Saturday--the day before Halloween! At least we got them in before the holiday!
(and the pumpkins were cheaper because it was the last day!)

But it was great to get all the local gang together for a messy pumpkin gutting and cutting!

Including Baby M, who painted her pumpkin:
and chose the book The Problem with Chickens as inspiration for her mother's pumpkin:
as well as this intricate duck decoration from a Chinese clip art book for me:
(I tried to talk her out of it but she kept insisting on this design)

and if I remember correctly, Baby M also requested a sea otter but got a jellyfish pumpkin instead:
But, in the end, she seemed to like all of them.

Hope you had a fun Halloween!