Wednesday, October 13, 2010

RISD sale

Being an author/illustrator, I don't get out of the house much. So, it's been a personal tradition of mine to have a booth once a year at my alma mater RISD's Alumni Sale. There are three sales--Fall, Winter and Spring. This year, for a change of pace I decided to do the Fall sale.

There were a couple changes this year. The Sasquatch, after dumpster diving, made me a display board that I thought showed off my wares quite well. And whether this was due to the wonderful fall weather or my new display, business was very brisk. Usually there are slow patches that allow me to browse at the other tables (and spend more money than I make) but this time I was so busy I stayed put the whole time. It was great fun, meeting readers and signing books--the main reason why I do it! But that also meant I missed the great tables of friends Liz Dubois, Karen Bessette, and Jeanne & Ian Wells. Boo! I guess that is what online shopping is for.

I did get this sweet little potted plant from Clam Alley Pottery:

but only because they were right across from me and I could run over at the end before they packed up. I was staring at those pots all day, I was so happy I got one!

But now it's back to the sequestered indoors! "Dumpling Days" is in its painful revision stage and demands attention. Sigh. It was nice seeing people for the day, at least!