Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So, I have a lot of work to do. I have "Dumpling Days" to revise, a new picturebook to sketch...sounds like the perfect time to clean the studio, don't you think? Strange how squalor doesn't bother me until I have a deadline for something else...procrastination techniques at its best!

I have to admit one of the things that inspired this cleaning frenzy was seeing posts on where other fellow author and illustrators work. Check out Jenny B Harris's and Liz Dubois's studios. Finish it off with where Laura Resau works, and I have some serious workplace envy!

My studio, which used to look like this has had to change since the arrival of my Sasquatch. Making my mess of a studio into more of an oasis has been a work in process. But at least now it is a clean one!

Because after a good 24 hours of organizing, decluttering, dusting and vacuuming, the studio looks like this:
You can see the floors! You can see the tables!

It does still look a little cluttered though:
(but you should have seen it before)

My favorite studio revision is that I now have a little reading corner:

with our wedding cranes hanging overhead:

One of which is watching over my Newbery award!

So my clean studio will probably last...a week? maybe two? I guess it depends on how much more work I have to procrastinate do.


ChatRabbit said...

OH, I simply must have a certain amount of organization going on or I can't work. But of course, WORK itself messes everything up! Right now we have theater props being built in the studio, so it's not so purty anymore!

Laura Resau said...

Love the cranes and the cozy reading chair! The space looks fantastic. I took your online "studio tour" a while ago-- so fun to get close-up peeks at everything. (And thanks for mentioning my little trailer studio (but talk about cluttered!)

Grace Lin said...

I still think you ladies have much cooler studios! It is something for me to strive for in the future...

crisnoche said...

ee cantiknya..wei masuk blog i plak