Thursday, July 8, 2010

whereas I realize I am a creepy stalker

So, you know, I wore the anthropologie dress (Dress #2) to the Newbery Banquet. If you remember, it was quite a search to get that dress--I only got it after seeing fellow author Cindy Pon wearing it on her blog. As she was so kind as to let me buy it from her, I felt that the least I could do was give her and her book a little mention on my Newbery night post. So I went a searching on her blog again, to find a photo of her & her book. The first one I found was this:

Which made me scream!


Well, as I was searching for that Newbery dress I was doing other shopping too. I had my eye on Ebay relentlessly looking for that Anthropologie dress, but while there I picked up another dress. One that looked like:

w/MotherReader on Monday at ALA

Yes, it's the SAME dress!

I am unknowingly stalking Cindy Pon with some sort of unconscious Single White Female Married Asian Female syndrome. How do I get therapy for that?

And the worst of it? She looks better in the dress.