Thursday, July 8, 2010

whereas I realize I am a creepy stalker

So, you know, I wore the anthropologie dress (Dress #2) to the Newbery Banquet. If you remember, it was quite a search to get that dress--I only got it after seeing fellow author Cindy Pon wearing it on her blog. As she was so kind as to let me buy it from her, I felt that the least I could do was give her and her book a little mention on my Newbery night post. So I went a searching on her blog again, to find a photo of her & her book. The first one I found was this:

Which made me scream!


Well, as I was searching for that Newbery dress I was doing other shopping too. I had my eye on Ebay relentlessly looking for that Anthropologie dress, but while there I picked up another dress. One that looked like:

w/MotherReader on Monday at ALA

Yes, it's the SAME dress!

I am unknowingly stalking Cindy Pon with some sort of unconscious Single White Female Married Asian Female syndrome. How do I get therapy for that?

And the worst of it? She looks better in the dress.


jama said...

LOL! This either means you both have exquisite taste, or that you're the same person. :)

Hey, are you sure you have different husbands?

Laura Ludwig Hamor said...

That is too funny!
Obviously, you would be perfect shopping partners!

judy said...

That is soooo funny! You both look good in that dress!

cindy said...

i have the most talented "stalker" with the best taste in dresses ever! oh, how you made me laugh and laugh when you messaged me, grace. haha! you look lovely in your dress too!!!

Andrea and/or Jeff said...

Hey, and what's worse, you make it even creepier with this "confession" to make it seem as if you are really normal and not totally obsessed!

Grace Lin said...

ha ha!
You know, admitting it is the first step of of my 12 step program (2nd and 3rd steps include not shopping and not looking at eBay)...

cindy said...

grace, shall i share my anthro wishlist with you? i stalk my dresses diligently! remember--all sales are posted online tuesday! ;*) hee!

Grace Lin said...