Monday, May 31, 2010

procrastination technique...or help me decide what to wear to the newbery banquet!

So I've been pretty busy and have lots of things to blog about-- BEA, my last school visit of the year, visiting my parents in Upstate NY...but my current obsession is trying to figure out what I should wear for the Newbery Award Banquet at the end of June. This truly has become an obsession. Such a distracting obsession that I have promised Squatchie that I will get the dress question settled by the end of the week and actually get some work done (did I mention that I have a novel I have to write?)

But can you blame me? This is like the Oscars for children's book authors! Really! I've been scouring the web to see what people have worn before and found this:

So, I've been mulling over my dress options. The practical side of me says I should wear a dress that I already have in my closet...but you know me and dresses!

For a while I have had my heart on this Anthropologie dress that I saw online:

but I can't find it ANYWHERE in my size (or even a size that could fit with some tailoring). I have searched and searched. sigh. So, I've had to discard this dress dream and move onto other possibilities (fyi, it's the "painted lotus" dress if anyone has any connections with Anthropologie outlets or knows someone who might want to sell it to me...)

And the other possibilities include this green lace dress, the same color as my lucky jade bracelet:

Or this raspberry one, that reminds me of the roses that blooming outside:

What do you think?