Wednesday, May 19, 2010

peaceful homes let children soar!

Remember that painting I did that I said I would tell you about later?

It was for ATASK, an amazing group that focuses on helping Asian families and individuals who are victims or potential victims of domestic violence. They were looking for an image to support their outreach and prevention message of "Peaceful Homes Let Children Soar." I was privileged to be ask to create it and I tried honor their organization by incorporating elements of their logo of butterflies and cranes into the painting.

And, at the ATASK Longwood Symphony Orchestra Benefit Concert....
I'm onstage!!

Luckily, not playing any of the music (phew!). ATASK used my painting to make a poster to give to the first 100 donors at the concert. I was truly proud that image I created encouraged giving to such an great cause. I was there to present Dr. Howard Koh, US Assistant Secretary for Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (pretty impressive, huh?) a framed copy of the poster.
I felt a bit out of my element, but we're hoping he hangs it in his office to help raise awareness of ATASK's mission. Hey, maybe President Obama will see it and want one for his daughters!