Wednesday, November 11, 2009

whereas i return the red dress and the search continues

So, even though my social interaction has slowed, I am still very busy. Not working, silly! Shopping!

Because my red dress search continues. Unfortunately, the dress I splurged on, the lovely dress I posted about HERE, was alas not the one. When I received it (order it from I was disappointed to see that is was not red. Not even close to red. It was a pretty grayish-pink--delicate and quaint--but NOT RED. I insist on red. So I returned it (actually it relieved my guilt as it was a bit more than I had wanted to spend) and I am continuing my search.

A part of my is wondering if I should just wear the red Chinese dress that I already own and wear in my author photos. But this is one of the few times I will be in front of a national audience and while I like my red Chinese dress, I somehow think I want to emphasize the American part of my Asian-American identity...oh, who am I trying to kid? I just want to buy a new dress!