Wednesday, November 4, 2009

red dress

I was going to do a post about the Smith College event that Anna & I attended, but fellow author Jeannine Atkins did such a nice write-up on her blog I thought I'd just link there!

So since I'm not writing about that, I can spend more time doing my most present distraction: SHOPPING!

Okay, even when I was young there were two things I loved reading about in books. Food (which is why I loved Farmer Boy) and clothes (which is why I loved Ballet Shoes). I loved reading the descriptions of what the characters wore, their imaginings of the perfect party dress, and pretty clothes that they sighed over.

Which is why I claim that as one of the excuses for my current preoccupation: looking for a new dress. I have to admit, just like the girls in the books I read, I love pretty clothes and looking at them (trying them on is a different story--sometimes a bit disheartening--which is why I love online shopping).

So, even though I have plenty of time to look with my Today Show appearance scheduled for Dec. 4th, I've been hunting relentlessly. Some suggested the blue dress but I think I would like something red, something that will be bright and lucky...something like this:

which is my recent splurge (though I can still return it). It's a bit dressy compared to what other authors have worn, but I feel like it's unlikely I'll be on the Today Show again so might as well go in my nicest duds! What do you think?


jeannie brett said...

a beautiful choice! i had missed the news that you are going to be on Good Morning America...i will be sure to watch! so exciting!

Jeannine said...

I love the red dress. And dressier? It's not like you're coming in evening gown. You're a dress girl, which many of us aren't, so go for it and you'll look so lovely.

And thanks for the sweet comment re my blog. It was so fun to see you!

Mary said...

The dress is wonderful. What a season, memories and moving on...HUGS, Mary & Paul

Janet Reynolds said...


Tarie said...

You are going to look so gorgeous. :o)

yamster said...

Lovely! Can't wait to see it (and you in it) on the show!

reine said...

i agree completely! might as well dress up.. it's a special occasion and it's a beautiful dress. i hope to meet you tonight in danvers at the m.sweet dinner.

Phyllis Harris said...

I love it and you look fabulous in red!!

Colleen said...

I also love reading descriptions of clothes (Little House books are great for this, too!), and looking at great illustrations of clothes. I wish Barbara Cooney or Sophie Blackall could design my whole wardrobe!