Wednesday, November 18, 2009

choose my Today Show outfit!

Sooo, my search for the red dress and my Today show outfit is winding down. While there were many, many gorgeous (and expensive) red dress/top combos I have narrowed it down to 2! Yes, 2! Aren't you proud of me?

But I can't decide between the 2...and this is where YOU come in! Tell me which one you think I should wear, PLEASE:

outfit A (an ebay found anthropologie dress):
or B (a preloved--my favorite store--sweater and gray skirt):

Both have been chosen for their color (you know how I insisted on lucky red) and appropriateness (I looked at what other authors wore and tried not to go toooo overboard) in mind.

Let me know what you think! Leave a comment here with your choice and your reason why! To one random commenter I will send a jar of Very Berry Cherry PEI preserves, fresh from my recent PEI vacation (it's really good jam, you HAVE to try it. soooo yummy!).


nelsong said...

Fisrties! (I have a new mission in life, leave comments on all BLG blogs.I also hav ea son who eats nothign but jam.) I vote option A.

Mitali Perkins said...


You look gorgeous in both, however.

I'm ineligible for the PEI goodies as my closet is stocked with them.

nelsong said...

I mean BRG, BLG would be some other archi related blog.

Katrina said...

You should go with the first option. It's way cute! The sweater and skirt is cute too but the dress is waaaay cute!

Debbi said...

You look fabulous in both, but I like the first one better - you glow! (And I love Anthropologie!)

Linda S. Wingerter said...

A! It's way perkier.

Vivian said...

The Anthropologie dress with the necklace! The deeper red looks great on you! If the fabric weight of your dress is heavy, a great pair of long black boots would really set your outfit.

Martha Flynn said...

I'd go with the dress. With a sweater and skirt combo, you have more opportunities to fidget and reset the skirt, etc. A skirt feels easier.

kirst68hk said...

Definitely A for Anthropologie. You look hip and your legs look long. Great dress!

Ladybugs' Mom said...
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Ladybugs' Mom said...

Option A FOR SURE!!

That's such a cute dress!! And love the necklace!! Great job putting it together!!

Deva Fagan said...

The anthropologie dress, because I love the detailing around the neck, and it just looks cuter and spunkier.

But you look great in both! Good luck on the show!

Mom2Isabel said...

Most Definitely the first one!
It looks great without being stuffy.

The second looks too school-girlish.

haomom said...

A for's a lovely color, great styling, you look I think you will feel great in it!

I agree with dress over 2 piece...

Jeannine said...

I'm joining the A group. Lucky red dress AND lucky red necklace can't be beat, though of course you look lovely in B. And to me dress says a bit more "excited" which I know you will and should be.

You are too sweet to give us a vote.

Mandi said...

Love the first red dress. It is really cute.


annebroyles said...

Since there will be closeups as much as long shots during your interview, I vote for A because it creates an interesting frame for your face and includes texture and variety. Ultimately, it depends on what makes you feel more confident and comfortable. You want to focus on your words and stage presence, not your clothing, once you're on stage.
I'm glad you've enjoyed this search! And I know the actual event (though possibly nerve-inducing) will go well.

pd said...

A wins, hands down! It shows your energy.
Good Luck on the show :)

Nicole Tadgell said...

A for sure! And the necklace really pulls it all together, too. You are beautiful inside and out!

Sarah said...

I love them both-- A looks more fun, B is more serious. Fun is almost always better.

jama said...

OMG, this is a hard choice. Love both, of course, but I'm going against the tide and choose B.

First dress is girly and fun; sweater and skirt is more mature and "writerly" looking, and would make me, as a viewer, more apt to pay attention to you and what you're saying rather than what you're wearing.

Really though, you can't lose going with either option. Just depends on whether you're going for a more classic or contemporary look.

elle said...

A is totally gorgeous. I like that it isn't too 'writerly' -- you'll surprise people. Good luck! Will it be youtubeable, can't get it here in HK...

yamster said...

I vote A, too (yay for eBay and Anthropologie!), although the practical side of me wants you to be warm in B. I think the studio lights will keep you toasty, though! :)

Natasha said...

Outfit A! Too cute!

Phyllis Harris said...

I vote for option A. You look fabulous in both but the red dress looks unbelievable! :o)

AM said...

I say A

The Hernandez Herd said...

I like the first one.
Looking foward to the show.

Vijaya said...

The dress, Grace. It shows off your figure and it's stylish and fun. So you.

Grace Lin said...

Thanks, Everyone (I should offer free jam more often)! This is very helpful, keep the comments coming!

Do you think if I wore a black cardigan over the dress, it would be more "writerly?" Hate to cover up the sleeves, though.

I might change the necklace too...been browsing etsy!

alissa imre said...

i vote A. more fun and it might be hot under the lights.

Libby Koponen said...

A: more fun, and as Alissa said - might be hot under the lights, and I think one color one dress always stands out more than a skirt and sweater -- especially on camera and especially for those of us who aren't tall....

Both are super-cute, though.

Susan Adrian said...

A, definitely! It's such a pretty dress, and you look happy and comfortable in it.

shelley said...

I like the first outfit best.

Barbara O'Connor said...

The first one looks more "fun". Although you would look gorgeous in a red paper bag.

Sonny said...

Ha. You are really so cute! However, the first dress is very flattering on you and thus my choice.

nanscorner said...

I love the first choice!

elle said...

Yes - black cardigan would look great. How bout three-quarter length sleeves for added flair? Someone mentioned boots, black cardi, black boots, lucky red dress = perfection. (And in keeping with the cold season!)

Bill said...

Hi. I am Ella. I am 6. I like the red dress (but you look great in both). But my vote is the red dress.

I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at your book event in Pennsylvania.

MotherReader said...

The dress is super cute, the sweater/skirt combo is fine - but looks too casual. I definitely put my vote for A.

Esther said...

Hi Grace, I enjoy following you on Twitter. You came to the school where I work in Wellesley a couple of years ago. Everyone loved you and your books. Did you ever find a wooden school desk? It is time to have you back!
I say go with the red dress. It looks fabulous and it will be so comfortable for your very exciting day! Best of luck to you.
PEI is the best! My grandmother was a school teacher there.

Linda said...

Go with the dress.........and you can war it another time, too.

The sweater is nice - but more casual......

Lucille said...

I vote A, the red dress, as well. It looks terrific on you and says in an understated but funky way "special occasion!"

Best of luck with Al and the kids- you'll be great.

World Travelers said...

I am in a book club and we read your book. I wrote to you once before. I think dress A.I am from Highland elementary my name is Mario G.

World Travelers said...

You look great! How are you? I'm in a book club and we read your book and it's so,so GOOD! I wonder do you have any pets? What are they? By the way you play the piano well! I also wonder how old you are? I'm 11 years old at highland elementary, in 5th grade. My name is Mia. Your drees looks great!

Your Friend,

World Travelers said...

Your dress is so cute. I have one just like it.I can't want to see your next dress. I like the number two. I like both of them. from joskua

World Travelers said...

Dear Grace Lin,
I really love your dress.I love that color.I think it is a pretty dress.I would keep wearing that dress.

Yours truly Makayla R.

Wuisme said...

K.T. Wu says go with "A"...

aeb. said...

I like option A the best!! You look beautiful!

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