Thursday, November 20, 2008

window wishes

I'm in Montreal, Canada now for a bit of a break (just saw a Bob Dylan concert last night!) and for some reason, the holiday window decorations in the department store fill me with great joy:

Isn't it great? If I did not have such a dismal track record with Christmas books, I'd allow the hundred of ideas the window inspires turn into a book. Maybe I can look at it as a second career--what would be the job title? Window Displayer? Christmas Window Decorator?


jama said...

Did you say Dylan? I'm seeing him tomorrow nite in NYC! Enjoy your time in Montreal and stay warm :)!

Grace Lin said...

Yes, Dylan. It was great! Even in a packed stadium, it had a really nice understated, personal feel. I bet it's going to be great in NYC, too.

Jenny said...

I'm just catching up with your blog after having limited computer time for 3 weeks. Glad Houston was fun, missed you by a few days in CT - wish I could've heard some of the speaches, LOVED the pumpkins, glad you waited the 2+ hours to vote, thanks for the gift book ideas (EXCELLENT list), and finally I'm a bit jealous of the Montreal/Dylan trip. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures, and tales of mouth watering treats!

Jenny said...

Now seeing our profile pictures next to one another I realize I am a total copy cat - but don't you think everyone should put there hand inside the mouth of a lion at least once?!

Grace Lin said...

Hi Jenny,
You shouldn't be jealous--you are in SHANGHAI! I am looking forward to reading your adventures.

Our profile pictures are mirror images, not only facing opposite directions but opposite seasons too. Neat!