Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A to Houston

So I finished my 3-week Texas visit marathon...and it was a lot of fun! Here is a a little ABC (to H) of Houston highlights:

A is for Apropos:
Every school I went to did such creative activities with my books to prepare the students. At the Duchesne Academy, in the spirit of my book "The Year of the Dog," students looked up the traits of their Chinese zodiac animals and decided whether or not their corresponding animals were appropriate. The confessional cards were surprisingly thoughtful.

B is for Bookfair
As in the St. John's bookfair at Barnes and Noble, which I was told is the largest grossing bookfair of any B&N bookfair in the country. After being there, I believe it! It was packed! But I was able to meet some lovely students.

C is for Cookies (and cupcakes and cakes)
Okay, I overdid the desserts while in Houston. A lot. I told myself it was because I need the sugar rush, but really it was just because I couldn't resist the deluxe cookies from Paulie's, the homemade yummy gingerbread cupcakes from ROBS librarian Mary, and the delicious gourmet cake from the Dessert Gallery.

D is for Dragon
Not only was there this very creative Dragon activity, based on my book "Kite Flying" (the book asks the reader what they think the kite is saying to the wind, here the students have written what they think it might be saying):

I also had a great time making dragon kites with some of the students:

E is for Extra (ideas)
Another fun activity that the students did was come up with suggestions for "Olvina" sequels, they were quite excited by the possibilities. I didn't have the heart to tell them that unfortunately Olvina is not selling that well and therefore probably won't have any more sequels. But you never know!

F is for Fortune
And another activity which made me smile! Students wrote fortunes trying to foretell details of my visit. I love the way students spell when they are just learning-- sometimes I actually think their spelling is preferable.

G is for Gayle and Gus
When Hurricane Ike swept into Houston, I thought my visit there was going to be canceled. But librarian Gayle worked tirelessly and endlessly, rearranging and organizing--most of it while driving in the car with her pet rabbit, Gus--and my visit to Houston happened after all. Gayle is like an uber-superhero librarian and Gus is her super hero pet.

H is for Hospitality
Everyone in Houston was so warm and friendly. All the librarians went out of their way to make sure I felt welcomed (and fed!) and the all the students were so excited to meet me. It was truly a delight meeting everyone. Thank you for a wonderful trip in Houston!