Thursday, October 30, 2008

pumpkin party

My friends and I have continued our Halloween pumpkin tradition and carved our own brand of jack o'lanterns for the holiday. Jon and I also continued the tradition of switching subject matter. He carved cute children's book characters George and Martha:

While I did Quatchi, the sasquatch:

No one else attempted media-culture characters, though we did have an emoticon-pumpkin:

When we turned off the lights, we were all able to see the masterpiece qualities of Luke's squirrel pumpkin:
And how suddenly Quatchi was an evil demon:
While concerns for George and Martha being at the scene of a nuclear explosion grew:
But I feel confident all our pumpkins will bring a cheery welcome for Halloween!


alvina said...

Oh, so adorable! I missed out on the pumpkin carving this year. But I'm dressing up for Halloween!

Linda said...

How creative........

Steve said...

Greetings from Seattle!

Love your Quatchi jack o' lantern... Could I put a picture of it on my Quatchi blog? It'd include a link and credit to you, of course.


-- Steve

Lens Based Fiction said...

Quatchi pumpkin is so cute!

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