Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Community Book Stop: Part 2

Making the Book Stop for Rain Dragon's preschool was a multi-step process and needed a team effort. I am so glad there were so many on the Diversity Committee that stepped up to be a part of it!  Here we are, hard at work:


What are we doing? Well, first, in the front of the book,  we are sticking in these reading suggestions. They are general tips to help parents share the story with their kids, just in case they are feeling a little uncomfortable:

And in the back of the book, we are sticking in these little blank notebooks:

These are so parents can write down their impressions of the book to help the next reader!

This part of the project was really important, at least to me!  Because, to me, the books are not enough. Just having them is good, but sharing them--really sharing them-- by having parents and kids observing and discussing...that is what building bonds and a community is about. And  the true purpose of the whole thing!

Want to know what our suggestion sheet said? Here you go: 

Enjoy this book from the Community Book Stop! Sharing a book with your child is a wonderful adventure!

Every child is unique, and children come to these conversations at different times and in different ways. There is no one right way to read with your child, but if you are looking for suggestions, below are some you may find helpful.

1.Don't be afraid to bring up challenging subjects.
Even if you may be uncomfortable, it is better to talk about it with your child.

2. Stop to answer your child’s questions.

 Even if you do not know how to answer at that moment, think of it as the start of many conversations.
3. Pause to ask your child questions.
Help involve your child in the story by asking them things like, “What do you think will happen?”, “How does this make you feel?” “What do you notice here?”

4. Accept and honor your child’s responses.

 There is no wrong way for your child to interpret a story. Use it as a learning moment.
5. Consider talking about how your child could relate to the story. What things are familiar? What things are new?

Use these suggestions during or after your reading, don’t be afraid to reread this book many times. Each reading may spark new conversations.

At the back of this book you’ll see a space for you to record your thoughts and ideas. Please share them with our community!

Maybe you can use it to help make a Book Stop of your own?  Hope so! Stay tuned to see what we did next!