Monday, June 12, 2017

School Visit Photo Album

My school visit season is winding down and I'm a bit aghast at how little I posted about them. Dear schools, please know it is not a reflection on how much I enjoyed our event! Because I have visited so many amazing schools that have welcomed me in such creative and fun ways! I love seeing how every school uses my books!

Here are some examples of some schools I visited in April:

There were beautiful welcomes and decorations:

beautiful Kite Flying kites!
look at all the details!

One school had a giant mountain & moon, with student-made goldfish all over the school "leading" the way to it:

And there's my first lego welcome sign:

lego Dragon!
Sometimes the artistic talent shown just put me to shame:

And the projects! Like I said, SO creative. At one school,  kids made "baseball" trading cards of all the characters in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon:

and postcards to and from  characters in the book:

I find this so funny! The Buffalo sending a peeved postcard to the Buffalo Boy because Minli came over.

the goldfish asking Aunt Jin if she's a dragon yet.

And then there were old fashioned book reports done so elaborately and with so much care that they was nothing old fashioned about it...this one actually lit up:

And there's lots more! I just have to get my act together and share them! Thank you, students, teachers and librarians for being so awesome!