Wednesday, May 24, 2017

small activism

Recently, I received an award. It was not for my books nor for my writing and it was given, by all places, by my local cooperative & awesome grocery store, the River Valley Coop. But it was extremely important. Because this award was a grant to help fund a project that I am as passionate about as any of my books.

Because I'm helping Rain Dragon's school (with the River Valley grant) build a Community Book Stop! It will be a free little library in the foyer of the school that will feature diverse books.

But, there's more!  To help conversations & build community, we’re adding gluing in a reading tip sheet in the front of the book (ex: Don’t be afraid to bring up challenging topics) and a blank booklet on the back so parents can record their thoughts and ideas. It's going to be great!

I can't wait for this project to get off the ground! Stay tuned for more....