Tuesday, March 1, 2016

revealing the cover!

I was going to try to ask a famous blogger to do a "cover reveal" of my book like all the cool authors do-- but I was so late (as I mentioned earlier) with the art that I never got my act together! So, instead, my publisher leaked it yesterday with a photo of the advanced reading copies! Yes, there are advanced reading copies! They are so fresh off the press that I don't even have any yet, but  sign up for my mailing list to get notice for any giveaways I am doing when I do finally get them! In the meantime...want a better look at the cover? Here it is....presenting When the Sea Turned to Silver:

Do you like it? The animal on the cover is my take of a Chinese mythical animal called a longma or a "dragonhorse."

You might remember the sketch from last October:

The design of it, especially the ocean waves were inspired by the Chinese embroidery found on imperial "Dragon Robes:"

You can see more examples of dragon robe embroidery here and here!

And, of course, there is more than just the front cover. The art wraps around the whole book. I had to paint the image extra wide because we weren't sure how thick the book was going to be--needed to make sure we had plenty of art to make the flaps:

but here's a closer look at the art of the  front and back art:

And the front and back cover:

I'm SOOOOOO excited!! I hope you are, too!


JenFW said...

It's beautiful, Grace! I look forward to the book.

That embroidery is way cool!

Jane said...

The cover is stunning, love the ocean. Looking forward to reading it. Bravo!

Jane said...

The cover is stunning, love the ocean. Looking forward to reading it. Bravo!

Ellen Booraem said...

Gorgeous! Makes me long to read the book . . .

Grace Lin said...

thanks, all! So glad you like it!

Tricia Springstubb said...

I love the sea, the silver sea! And how the title echoes "Where the Mountain Meets the Moon"!

Tina Cho said...

Beautiful! I could interview you for a writing blog I help write for called the Grog Blog. When is this book expected to be out? http://groggorg.blogspot.kr/
Let me know!
Tina Cho

storyqueen said...

I cannot wait for this book, Grace!!

Anne Lam said...

Absolutely beautiful art you've created. My daughter and I are counting the days till we get your new book. Thank you for your wonderful work!

Gayle@GIFTFamilyServices said...

I look forward to reading the book!

Meredith Smith said...

Your book Where the Mountain Meets the Moon was highly recommended by a 4th grade teacher friend of mine. I read it to my 4th grade class, and they absolutely loved the "Graceful" writing of this book, as one student put it:) I just completed reading Starry River of the Sky, and ordered When the Sea Turned to Silver today. We are so intrigued by your beautiful stories, and your lovely pictures. You really captured my students' imaginations, and now have a ton of new fans. The book just feels good to hold, and we are all looking forward to your future books with the positive moral lessons, and poetic language. I have an 11 year old adopted daughter from China who wants to visit, but isn't really interested in its rich history yet. I do hope she finds a way to embrace her culture, as you did, in the future. I think having her read your books is a good start.

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