Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy (belated) Day of the Unicorn!

Exactly a month ago, on February 29th--leap year day--a teacher message me telling me how earlier in the month, she had been reading The Year of the Dog to her students and they had all been struck by this passage:

     "Chinese people give every year an animal sign," I tried to explain. "You know how horoscopes use animals for some months? Well, for Chinese people it's every year."
     "When is it the Year of the Unicorn?" Becky asked. "I love unicorns."
     I shook my head. "I don't think there is a Year of the Unicorn."
     Becky looked really disappointed so I tried to think of something.
     "But maybe during leap year or something they have a Unicorn Day."
     "Really? What do they do on Unicorn Day?"
     "Um," I scrambled, because now I was completely lying, "they draw pictures of unicorns and hang them up. Sometimes there's a parade."

The students immediately realized that since this year had a leap year, they could celebrate my fictitious Unicorn Day! And they did!

Apparently, the day was dubbed "Unicorn Day" with  kids choosing to read books about unicorns, make puppets, or color and draw fantastical creatures! There were many in unicorn costume, as evidenced by this stealth photo:

Students in costumes for Unicorn Day!
Isn't that awesome? Happy belated Day of the Unicorn!