Wednesday, June 3, 2015

catching up with some school visits: Augusta Baker's Dozen Storytelling Celebration

And then, back in April, I was in Columbia, SC where southern hospitality was on display the moment I stepped in to my hotel room:


Hey, notice what that basket is on?

Yes, that was me and my work on wall those posters and postcards and magazine covers:

Because, I was featured author for  the Augusta Baker's Dozen: A Celebration of Stories, an amazing program in its 29th year. 

oh, did I mention, they also made buttons?

My favorite part of the program is that on one of the days, they bus in 4th graders from surrounding schools for a storytelling speed date! 

Dozens of storytellers set up around the garden of a historic home and students, broken up into groups, go from one storyteller to the next for ten minute each (they hear from three different storytellers in total).

It's really amazing!  

By the end, the kids are clamoring to tell their own stories--even telling them to each other as they walk to the bus.

But that was only part of the program. The other part was centered around the work of yours truly!

I thought this fish pond was a very creative idea!

kids decorated their own fish to put in the pond
And there were lots of dragons:

drawn dragons! 
this one was created by kid-painted paper plates and streamers

this was made out of kids' handprints
hand prints decorated to make the scales

this one was hung so high that I'm not sure how they made it!

even origami dragons!
And speaking of origami, there were lots of paper crafts like:

and fortune cookies!
There was even a puppet show featuring my books (I'm hoping to get the script and make it available on my website for anyone interested): 

dancing dim sum!

Dragon and Pacy!

Pacy's family!
After all this effort, I was relieved that a good crowd came to my talk:


I think it was a great event, though I really can't take too much credit for it. The kudos really go to all the hard-working librarians, administrators, volunteers! 

A few of the many people responsible for this awesome event! 

Thanks so much, Richland Library!