Tuesday, June 30, 2015

catching up on school visits: here, there and everywhere

I know I am really lucky to have the opportunity to the visit the schools that I do and I am always so honored to see the connections the students have made with my work. It's because of this that I post so much about all my different visits!

But I admit the other reason why I continue to post about these visits is because I hope that by seeing other schools' projects it may help other schools with ideas on how they can integrate my books into the classroom. I've actually started using my Pinterest profile to this end, hoping that having images in one place (instead of having to scroll through on this blog) is even more helpful.

In the meantime, here are images from other school visits I did this past school year! These are all lumped together because I didn't take enough photos at each school to give them their own post but ALL the schools I visited were great! I just forget to take out the camera phone, sometimes...

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon book reports in book form!
which included author flaps!
fan fiction!

tweets about Dumpling Days! I like the hungryfordumplings hastag!

Kites for Kite Flying!
beautiful welcome display including student made paper lanterns (decorated with dragons), Chinese cherry-blossom paintings, fans and a Chinese palace (with lit up windows!)

a fun way for younger students to make dragons--using a red yarn "thread," construction paper slices and googly eyes!