Tuesday, August 12, 2014

wishes that readers don't know they have

Q: Are diverse books really that important? When I was a child, I didn't see (fill in the blank) and I'm just fine!

I attempt to add to Janice's response and answer another question with this post  that I did for The BookPeople in Austin, TX to support their Modern First Library program.

Here is an excerpt: 
...it’s hard to miss something that you didn’t know could’ve existed. In my book, Starry River of the Sky, I write about the legend of the Moon Lady who can grant your most secret wish. It can be a wish so secret that you, yourself, might not even know you have it. But when she grants your wish, when your most secret wish comes true, it is a revelation. 
That is what diverse books are. They are the wishes that many readers don’t know they have. They are for the readers who finally see themselves...
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