Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Second Haircut for Robert

a loss of vanity is a small price to pay
I once thought I would go grey
with you

Robert Mercer 


Mary McD-booking visits said...

Wonderful! Such a good cause And remembrance, it only adds to your beauty!

Mama to Mia said...

Grace, what a beautiful way to honor and cherish Robert's memory. I especially love your little cherub peeking out behind you... Great example to set for your daughter on how to move forward while remembering those you hold close to your heart.


betsy said...

Grace, you are such an inspiration -- beautiful, inside and out. xo

June said...

A wonderful moment of reflection, a selfless act, and you'll shine with short or long hair anyway :)

Es said...

What a wonderful tribute in Robert's honor.

Ms. O said...

Beautiful idea. Keep the memories close while enjoying today.