Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Belated Hong Kong post: Man Mo Temple

After the Big Buddha, we went to Man Mo Temple--another place I had visited last time.  I thought the incense was less stifling this time (however, I was soon to find out that was just because my nasal passages were blocked as my illness was just starting to get going) and I was able to gaze at the mesmerizing incense coils:

And be enchanted by the lanterns:

As well as the overall ambiance:

But I admit it was the less picturesque  things outside that made me happiest. I found out I  am supposed to have a wonderful year this year! This chart--with its recommended "lucky accessory" list--told me so:

And, even with the year's past illness and upcoming craziness, I believe I will.  Even though they weren't on the list,  I have two accessories that I am sure are extremely lucky.

Don't you agree?