Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Name this tune!


At the hotel in Taiwan, a violinist serenaded us during breakfast. It was Rain Dragon's first experience with a violin and she was fascinated--so much so that she watches this video over and over again. Because of this, the Sasquatch and I find ourselves humming and singing this tune all the time and it is driving us a bit mad that we don't know what song it is.  Do you know it?  If you do, please tell us as then we could start the new year without losing our minds!


RedThreadSisters said...

"Top of The World"

Cindy Green said...

Yes, it is "top of the world" which the Carpenters recorded in the 70s. Great lyrics for your little Rain Dragon! (makes me feel a little old tho'...) :)

Grace Lin said...

Yay! thanks so much! You are awesome and now we will not go crazy!

Jane said...

Here is a youtube link for the Carpenters song.


Paula Nixon said...
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