Monday, April 22, 2013

on my desk monday

Can you believe it? It's the proof for the 2nd Ling and Ting book, officially titled "Ling & Ting Share a Birthday!" I was so late with the art I didn't think it was going to make the Fall list, but it just squeaked in! In fact, you can already pre-order it on Amazon!

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Andrea and/or Jeff said...

Yay, more Ling and Ting! Can't wait!

Yeah, I'd be sad to leave those bookshelves too. But I know you'll have plenty at the new place. And once you stop looking at the squeaky clean apartment, the clutter in the house will magically fade from consciousness. Or maybe that's just our house

My daughter and I finished Year of the Boar and are mostly done with Year of the Rat. (We really miss Melody, but love tough tiger-Pacy.) I can't believe we didn't read these till now, but it's actually perfect, because at 9 she's able to understand the social dynamics and race issues in a way that she wouldn't have been able to a couple of years ago.
Do you know of any books for middle graders or even later elementary with strong Asian characters? (preferably female kid main character(s), slight preference for Asian American, especially Chinese American and contemporary) We want more!

Best wishes,
Andrea, mama to Bella the MaoMaoChong
PS - visiting China for 4 weeks this summer - so excited!