Wednesday, April 24, 2013

a warm welcome

 These days I mostly face a wall of this:

So it's a nice change to face this kind of wall instead:

Yes, I'm still fitting in the school visits! Recently, they are, perhaps, the sanest of my days. And when they are as welcoming as the Naubac School (which I visited a few weeks ago) they are happy as well! 

I loved all the letters the students wrote me, from 1st grade to 4th:

And I also got a big kick out of this student's ringing endorsement:

And I was heartened to see so many considered Starry River of the Sky their new favorite book:

This was all a much-welcomed sight to my eyes! 

Thanks so much, Naubac School!


Wendy Sabourin said...

Hello Grace Lin,

I want to thank you for visiting my 4th grade daughter Sarah’s school (Naubuc) in April. She was so excited to see you. She was eager to show me your autograph when she came home. Her favorite book is “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon”. She has read it several times.

Today, she learned that her picture that she made for you is posted on your Blog. It is the first hand drawn picture listed on April 24th. It has a big red heart with your picture in the middle of the heart. She came home and logged onto your Blog and was thrilled to see her picture. She showed me and immediately asked me to post a reference to your Blog on my Facebbok page so that all my friends could go see her picture.

Thank you for posting all the pictures and letters to you from the children of Naubuc School. You have brought great joy to them.

Wendy – Sarah’s mom

Ms. Longanecker said...

Hello, Grace!

The students and staff at Wolf Swamp Road School are so excited about your upcoming visit! Here's a link to a website the students have created in anticipation of your visit:

We eagerly await our visit this Thursday!


Krishna Longanecker
Technology Integration Specialist,
Wolf Swamp Road School