Wednesday, March 27, 2013

my last signing at Porter Square Bookstore

I have to admit, I've been feeling a bit down lately. The move has been a bit stressful, I haven't found a good way to juggle work and baby and I have to do my taxes (always a downer!).

But last Saturday, I had my a booksigning at Porter Square Books bookstore. It was the last time I could call it a booksigning at my local bookstore as after this I will be two hours away! So, it was another reason to feel a bit melancholy. However, such an amazing, wonderful crowd showed up that any feelings of sadness quickly disappeared.

I was so thrilled to see such a full house:

And to meet such all my lovely readers! This reader was the winner of the Storyworks Contest based on my story:

And then, these two were waiting patiently the whole time...

to get their Ling and Ting books signed!  Can you tell why?

Yes, they were a real life Ling & Ting! Aren't they sweet?

The whole event completely cheered me up! It was so great that I think I will have to come back in the future-- it's worth the two hour drive! So maybe I lied about this being my last signing at Porter Square Books...Thanks so much for coming, all! 


Diane said...

My daughters were so excited to meet you, Grace. They came home from school yesterday after having told their teacher all about meeting you & the book signing event. Today they brought their signed books with them to show her...and insisted I print the picture of them with you so they could show her that as well.
Thank you for your wonderful stories, illustrations (we bought some of your artwork at the Wenham Museum), and kind heart!
(mother of Annabelle Jing Xiu & Loreli Hua Xiu, your "real-life Ling & Ting"!)

Grace Lin said...

Aww, thanks so much Diane! I was so thrilled to see them and honored that they liked L&T so much!