Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mather School

One of the things that will be more difficult after the move will be working with the wonderful Foundation for Children's Books. In December, they sponsored the Starry River of the Sky Book Club Meeting and at the end of February they had me visit the Mather School in Dorchester.

 The FCB funds school visit programs for low-income schools and I love it. It's hard to explain to those outside "the biz," but  suffice to say that it's children's publishing's little secret that authors usually cannot support themselves from their books.  In most cases it's their speaking and visit fees that support them so that they can actually write books.

And as I said earlier, this is true for myself as well.  I don't say this to complain at all-- creating books is true joy and I am honored to visit schools and meet with students who read my books.  But these days (especially with moving expenses and Rain Dragon),  I am so grateful for organizations like the FCB who understand that authors shouldn't have to suffer financially in order to visit a deserving school.  Especially great schools like the Mather:

Which, by the way, is the oldest public elementary school in the U.S! It was founded in 1639! Isn't that neat?

Of course, the kids were all modern. And my presentation was new-ish as well, with the addition of Starry River of the Sky reader theater. I think I want to try to add reader theaters to all my programs, the kids really enjoy it. Though it does make my baggage awkward. Everyone wants to know what I'm doing carrying a bow (a marshmallow-shooting bow to be concise--but no one gets to shoot anything except in pretend):

As is the dragon draw-along (which you can do on your own following my Children's Book Week Bookmark!):

The students really got into it! You could hear a pin drop they were so quiet and intent on following along:

And then I said goodbye:

 It was great fun! I hope I can still do programs like this in the future!