Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pocket Pacy Picture of the Week

Reader Isabella would bring Pocket Pacy to the Great Wall of China!

I wish I had taken a Pocket Pacy to the Great Wall when I went, I hope she gets to go with Isabella!

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Andrea and/or Jeff said...

Yay for Isabella! My own Isabella, aka the MaoMaoChong - Jiangxi born Monkey Girl - will I hope get to visit China again next year --and take us along! I emailed her Pocket Pacy picture awhile back, taking Pacy to the Dog Park. Normally I would think that would perhaps be intimidating to Pocket Pacy, but in the drawing she is quite a bit bigger than the dogs - so she should feel great power!

I just preordered Starry River of the Sky from Porter Square and excitedly await the launch goodies! As a librarian I greatly value independent bookstores, so I usually shop at our own lovely Bookshp Santa Cruz, but I couldn't resist the excitement!