Wednesday, September 19, 2012

mortgage therapy

So my new book comes out soon...very soon...and I'm on pins and needles about it. I've been ramping up for my booklaunch, dreaming up online giveaways, preparing my little family for the book tour (limited book tour, Rain Dragon is only 4 months),  and, all and all, just trying with all my might to help make my book a success.

However, there comes a point where there's just nothing more an author can do. We write the best book we can, we spread the word the best we can and then we just hope. We hope people like it, we hope people love it, we hope and hope.

Yet, there is also a point where the hope just turns to worry.  Me, myself, I've never been able to rein in that anxiety and it is so unhelpful. By the time my book comes out, I am usually just a blob of agonizing, self-doubt.

But not this time! Why? Not because I've reached some sort of's because we, my little family, have just bought a house! Yes, we're moving!

So now, my brain is completely filled with new house stuff--should I paint the walls green, when should we sell the condo...all sorts of fun and not-so-fun details. It's been a really good way of keeping the book anxiety at bay. But I don't recommend it as a regular remedy.