Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The other day, the Sasquatch and I were supposed to meet my friend Anna Alter at this cute little tea room:

But, when we went I was a bit surprised:

Because it wasn't just my friend Anna inside, but a whole troupe of my my friends and family:

Yes, it was a surprise baby shower! I was definitely surprised!

I couldn't believe the Sasquatch tricked me!

And also a super lovely one. It was all my girly dreams come true:

pretty plates

pretty teapots

pretty tea room!
We also had a pretty tea with sandwiches (crusts cut off), the most delicious scones ever and chocolate covered strawberries. I forgot to take pictures of the food but it was highly enjoyed:

But, of course, it was the company that was the most beautiful:

some of the blue rose girls

There were also presents!

I loved all of them, but my favorite one is the upcoming 100 Wishes Quilt. This is a Chinese tradition where the newborn's friends and family contribute cloth to make a quilt--with the quilt full of loving wishes of the gift givers. Everyone brought some material for the quilt  (my niece Lily & friend Carri are going to make it, since I don't know how to quilt) and also cut a little swatches from their material in a scrapbook with the giver's wish for our upcoming baby. Isn't that sweet? I ♥ this soooo much!

With all this, I feel sure our baby is going to be very lucky. I know I'm a very lucky upcoming baby mama!